Your personal brand is your essence.

It's how you face the world.

Not just clothing or hairstyle, your personal brand is about you at the core. It's your voice, your social media presence, and the things you put out for potential clients (and, really, everyone) to see. Getting clear on what makes you tick makes personal branding and styling simple, and quick. Why? Because it's all you, the real McCoy! Unlock your creativity. What picture is your brand painting?


Personal Style Session

Walking into your closet full of "nothing to wear"? You might need a wardrobe refresh! Using a simple approach to dressing you, we employ a modified version of a capsule wardrobe to help inspire. We'll build a style that is authentic to you, polish what you already have, and shine a light on what makes you unique. 

Inside Out Branding

Your personal brand is a reflection of you. In order to let your inner you shine, we play 20 questions. Sounds easy, right? Answering these questions will dive into your inner workings. We will then pull out a style, voice, and presence that highlights the things we celebrate about the person you are.


Truth in Motion

As styles and trends come and go, it can be simple to get lost or stuck. Personal branding ensures you never get left behind because instead of a rigid set of rules, it's a fluid formula for successful styling.