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Ashley Stebbins

Owner & Curation Queen


As an intense lover of beautiful things, Ashley has an eye for creating and curating stories for companies through their social media platforms. 

She isn't afraid to make bold moves in her life or her businesses. After spending a few years traveling the world, she had the confidence, drive, and passion to start her own business as a doula and prenatal yoga instructor. In less than a year, her business hit profit level and she expanded into a full service agency, which is recognized across the globe for being one of the most unique and cohesive brands in the industry. 

Ashley currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her two wildly active black rescue cats, Shiva and Shakti. When she isn't working, she can be found cooking vegetarian meals with a glass of red wine in her hand or practicing yoga on her back patio



26-year-old wife, mother, entrepreneur, doula, and designer, Mallory, is always looking for a new challenge. Her first company hit profit level in one year, largely in part to her brilliant social media and web design strategy. When she and her business partner went to rebrand, they again saw the proof of her work. As she dabbled in helping friends and family, she realized her passion for authoring brand stories, web copy, and designing gorgeous documents. She also loves web design (she built this website!), craft coffee, a good bottle of red wine, and brand new notebooks. With 7 years of experience in personal branding, makeup, and skincare, she's also our authority on all things personal brand.

You can find her in Kansas City, Missouri with Aria, Ezra, and Eila (her kids), Ryan (her husband), and Mosby and Stinson (her cats).

Mallory Shannon

Owner & Branding Unicorn