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Hey, Socialite!

It's so good to have you here. 

When it comes to opening and maintaining a business today, there are so many moving parts and questions. Do I use Facebook or Instagram? Do I blog for keywords or for content? What the heck is SEO and why do I need to worry about it? How do I figure out my brand and logo?

 Combine that with the day-to-day, client work, and logistical elements of what you do and you've got yourself a recipe for being overwhelmed!

That's where Socialite comes in.

We offer a range of services for bosses just like you. Consider us a hired part of your expert team, working with you to make sure your company is successful AF.

New Media Management

IG, FB, Pinterest, Twitter...which do you use? What do you post?? HOW DO YOU FIND IT?

With New Media management, our Curation Queen easily and effortlessly brings your new media presence from all over the place to out of this world. Gorgeous content handpicked just for you that conveys your message to the world.

Blogging + Copy

We know blogging is great for adding content and SEO to our websites and that copy is imperative to effective marketing. After all, your website is often your first interaction with your target market.

(We knew that, right?)

Of course we did. 

So what if you hate to blog? What if you can't come up with compelling copy? Are you doomed?? 

Nah. We're here. Our blogs are loaded with keywords, long-tail keywords, and a voice that appeals to your audience. Let's fill your website with content that shines a light on your company.

Branding with Substance

We've said it before but it bears repeating:

Your brand is not your logo.

It's not your colors either. Your brand is your company or personal voice and themes. Your brand is how you make people feel.

With Inside Out branding, we dive deep into what makes you and your company tick, draw it out, polish it up, and display the brand of magic that makes you unique.


So maybe you don't need someone to take over for you. You've got the time, you just need the know-how.

That's where consulting comes in.

From social media consults to personal branding consults, we're happy to sit with you and give you our advice and experience to help you create exactly what is in your mind and translate your brand to reality.

With experience, proven results, and an eye for style, Socialite and your company are a perfect match.

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